About Us


Ithika – (means Ethical in Greek) - is a small homegrown sustainable brand based in Calcutta started with a simple goal: to create comfortable, high-quality clothing that is good for people and the planet.

Our clothing is made using sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, linen and others that are mostly natural dyed or some of the azo-free dyes to avoid chemical use in making of our collection. We work with small-scale artisans and craftspeople that are paid fair wages and treated with respect. We believe in transparency and traceability, and we are proud to share the stories behind our clothes and the people who make them. We invest in the livelihoods of 10-15 Artisans and workers who make it possible to bring our vision to life. We strongly believe in giving fair and deserving wages.




 We started our brand on a philosophy that revolves around the idea of minimalism and relaxed silhouettes. All of our products are handcrafted, ethically manufactured and our fabrics are sourced from weavers of India. We aim to provide consumers superlative quality which will last decades and still look timeless. We believe that fashion should be about more than just looking good. It should also be about feeling good - both about ourselves and the impact we have on the world around us.